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So you've decided hypnotherapy is right for you or perhaps are just curious. Everything about session information, from consultations to an overview of the process, and even rates and bundle deals, are in the session FAQ.

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"Nicole is very easy to talk to, very patient, and willing to work with me even on problems I would feel too uncomfortable talking to anyone else about. She's also a natural at hypnosis, and I'd recommend her to anyone who thinks hypnotherapy is right for them!"

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What is hypnosis? How does it work? Is it like in the movies? Is hypnotherapy right for you? All these questions and more are answered on the hypnosis and hypnotherapy FAQ.

So many different circumstances can warrant a hypnotherapeutic approach. Learn about the myriad of different topics Nicole specializes in and how hypnotherapy can help you.

-Alice, P., Castle Rock, CO

Meet the hypnotherapist behind Full Spectrum Hypnosis. Learn about Nicole's expertise, education, background, and experience in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.